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Abbie is wife to Micah and mom to Elliana, Eden and Aaliya. They reside in Savannah, Georgia as the caretakers of Wesley Gardens Retreat and attend Christ Church Anglican. Abbie is the author of multiple books and a graduate of Emory University (religion, 2003) and Talbot Seminary (spiritual formation and soul care, 2009). 

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Abbie Smith

Wesley Gardens Retreat

278 Shipyard Rd.

Savannah, GA


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I Wasn't 


a memoir on early marriage & motherhood

Jennifer walker

Relatable in the deepest recesses of the heart. Abbie captures the questions of life without wrapping the answers in a neat little package. She powerfully allows the reader to wonder alongside her, giving the reader an unusual gift: the freedom to think, process and ponder. Stretch Marks I Wasn’t Expecting is a journey you will not want to miss.

RN BSN, author and co-founder of Momsoncall.com

Abbie's beautiful gift of writing paints a vivid picture that many of us live but struggle to assign words. Sharing her life on pages with us provides a safe space to relate, feel understood and be challenged to grow in the grace and truth of Jesus, our only true hope.

wife, mom, speaker, & manager of hospitality strategy,


Filled with laughter, tears, searing honesty and gorgeous writing, this is one of the best reads of the year. Quite simply, this is a stunning book. Smith writes about motherhood in such a way that whether you have had children or not you can relate to having Stretch Marks you don’t expect. Let the gentle waves of this prose wash over you and water your soul.

Amy Young

Author of Looming

Transitions and Love, Amy

Elizabeth Dixon

Relatable in the deepest recesses of the heart.

Jennifer Walker RN BSN, author and co-founder of Momsoncall.com


Other      Works 

    Read it with a sigh of relief. 'Stretch Marks I Wasn’t Expecting' is permission to be human and broken, vulnerable and unfinished - to shed the unmet expectations of ourselves and the perceived expectations of others. I wish I could read these words to my younger self.

Salina Beasley, wife & mother of four, singer-songwriter

Marlena Graves

Stretch Marks I Wasn’t Expecting sucked me in with its beautiful and prayerful reflections on the joys and challenges of motherhood. Abbie does a masterful job of bringing the reality of ‘noisy graces’ to the fore and demonstrating that we too are being formed even as we seek to disciple and form our children. Read and hand out to the mothers you know-and dads too!

author, A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness

Through heartfelt internal dialogue and honest reflection, Smith brings her reader on a journey depicting the laboring life and unpolished struggles of early motherhood. She asks questions we’re afraid to ask and unveils thoughts others are embarrassed to admit regarding concerns of infertility, bonding with a newborn, post-partum depression, and issues of body image. I highly recommend this book to anyone craving personal growth and self-reflection. Smith’s beautiful form of writing and incorporation of scripture is both thoughtful and enjoyable for its reader.

Juli Windsor, PA-C and public speaker

The writing alone is a portal into a beautiful soul. But the insights, candor and honesty are an invitation to see oneself through the lens of grace and truth. Every woman should read this! Every man who has ever loved a woman should be required to read this beautiful roadmap into a woman's soul!

Stephen W. Smith

President and Spiritual Director of Potter's Inn and author of the best selling, The Lazarus Life

Juli Windsor

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